Operation, Maintenance

  • Full-scale operation and system support (SLA), with which we undertake the burden on clients even up to 100%, this way, clients can spare the costs of maintaining an own IT team.
    • First Line Support to any system related problem of our clients with the help of internet portal operated by our company.
    • Installation and maintenance of service packages and solutions
    • Database maintenance and tuning, including the following:
    • De-fragmentation of the database from time to time,
    • Surveillance of free areas of the database tables,
    • Solving performance problems,
    • Registration of registered users
    • Maintenance of user authorizations and profiles at operation system, database and application levels
    • Archiving
  • Performance of integration tasks with external systems,
  • Performance of tailoring tasks due to changes of the business processes,
  • Availability and system surveillance on workdays from 5. a.m. – 9 p.m., expanding to weekends, if necessary.