Microsoft Dynamics NAV system is an administration system wide-spread in Hungary, which offers cost-efficient and fully integrated solution for companies of 300 million – 2000 million HUF revenue mainly. The system can be deployed either for 1 user, as so-called “desktop application” or for 200 users as “client-server” application.

The guarantees for stable returns in the long term of this investment are the following: expanded partner network, sound product strategy of Microsoft and its commitment to continuous improvement.

The system covers the following functional areas in an integrated form, within the framework of the same system:

  • Finance, Accounting
  • Business intelligence and Reports
  • Purchase, Sales, Warehouse Management
  • CRM and Customer Relationship Management
  • Production, Supply Chain Management

Clicking on this link, you can find more details on all modules:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Product Information

The seven most important advantages of Microsoft Dynamics NAV system are the following:

  1. Easing daily work and administration significantly
    it makes better control over finance, sales and purchase and client related data and tasks.
  2. Rapid overview of all necessary data
    on credit rating of the clients, availability of articles, debts, warehouse state, orders under production.
  3. Rapid implementation
    With the help of Express methodology developed on the basis of experience in the Hungarian market, it can be implemented even within 9+ 1 days  
  4. Easy use
    Due to user surface similar to Microsoft Office programs, training period is short. Cooperation with any version of Outlook, Word and Excel programs as the producers are common.
  5. Enhancable
    As a result of flexible licensing build-up, functions can be enhanced according to needs emerging later. Due to stable technological platform, the system is able to grown in line with increasing number of users.
  6. Widespread in Hungarian and international markets
    The system is being used by more than 45.000 companies in more than 130 countries. Due to reliable localizations and support for multi-languages, the system can be used excellently regionally. 
  7. Economical
    The system covers all business processes where actually used modules should be paid for. The group of used modules can be increased based on needs. Licenses concern users using the system in the same time.

After registration, the English demo version of the system can be tried with Internet Explorer using this link: