Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) business unit offers Microsoft Dynamics NAV (earlier called as Navision) for small and medium enterprises, including full life cycle monitoring of the system, comprising the following elements in general:  

  1. Needs assessment
  2. Definition of local and industry specific features
  3. Tailoring the system on the basis of client needs and functions offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV system
  4. System implementation, training
  5. Support of production release
  6. Full-scale support, ensuring optimal, cost-efficient operation.

Advantages and introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV system

Horizontal solutions

We offer tried solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV system for the following specialized areas that we understand well:

Service administration
Investment administration
Commission administration

Operation and maintenance

The operation of an enterprise resource planning system is a complex task requiring high-level expertise, which may not always be provided by the user organization. It is rather difficult or cost-consuming to ensure the number and the quality of experts required to maintain the expected service levels. Our company offer solution to this problem with its   operation and maintenance services of more than 10 years experience.