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Efficient Administration


In many cases, the operation of processes seems to be agreed on "high level". However, during their analysis it turns out that stakeholders' ideas on real operations and real operations significantly differ. With our solutions, we help to elaborate and implement a common picturee of real processes. more...

Change management

In spite of the fact that organizations are aware of their changes and they have developed their change management routines and methodology, the volume of changes is expected to grow. To what extent do you think that current IT capabilities and reaction time are suitable? Within how much time can the current IT infrastructure react to business needs? Can the changes be introduced within 1 month, 1 week or even immediately?  

According to analyses, 77 % of companies see their IT too rigid and 88 % of companies think that there is a permanent and consistent difference between implementation and needs.

Create a new architecture to execute change management in a more efficient way. more...

Sales Performance Management

inform your sales network

The result of incentive and commission programs highly depends on how performance measurement is fed back to the sales network.  Management and field agents should possess detailed and up-to-date information on current status, expected and paid commissions, bonuses, etc. With this capability, management can control, analyze and ensure the profitability of the commission system. more...


In many cases, sales channels sell products or product packages of several business units. Therefore, the demand raises for solutions that satisfy both business (like cross-sales) and information technology needs. more...

Financial Planning

customer needS analysis

The systematic assessment of needs can only be efficient if it is based on the ideas of product development and marketing and it is supported by adequate tools. If these conditions are missing, it might lead to unique solutions that require redundant material resources – like Excel or Office based isolated solutions. more...