Unique ERP Developmentt

The principle of administrative (ERP) systems is that they serve IT needs of different processes of the company through one database via an integrated surface and functions organized in modules. As the operation of companies are different, the implementation of this software involves significant tailoring and expansion of different company specific functions in all cases.

However, in some cases the specific activities of the company makes the development of a unique administrative software more cost-efficient than tailoring a standard ERP software.

Formula/400 has practice of a decade in the development and support of administrative softwares, so we not only simply develop an application, but we develop a real tailored ERP system that is

  • integrated and can be integrated
  • modular
  • complies with financial, accounting and industry-specific standards

We provide the following development services:

  • project planning and management
  • needs assessment
  • application planning and development
  • quality assurance and testing

We can involve our offshore partner in the provision of part of the services mentioned above, which leads to the following advantages:

  • Support of several technologies and platforms
  • Flexible resource allocation
  • Lower development costs
  • Shorter development cycle

In case of need, we undertake the outsourced operation of the released application.