Web-front Development

client need

A frequent need of companies having numerous clients and processing a large number of orders is to simplify the ordering process, with the support of editing and sending the order via the internet. The option of interned based ordering contains several advantages, like:

  • Back-office processes can be simplified, therefore considerable savings can be achieved in the internal operations,
  • The internet based system can evolve into an efficient marketing surface toward customers,
  • The implementation of new products and variations can be more rapid and cost-efficient,
  • New clients can be obtained vie the internet based ordering system,
  • Contracting with the new clients and master data entry can be performed via the WEB front surface.


The WEB-front surface closely connected to the administrative system and accessible via the internet raises the following problems to be solved:

  • Confidential client and ordering data available via the web-based system and the internet should be accessible exclusively to authorized users,
  • The internal database should be fully protected against entry and malicious damage,
  • Overload transferred via the internet (DOS attacks) should be avoided and counteracted,
  • Availability of almost 100% should be ensured.

our offer

The professional competences and experiences offer guarantee for entire satisfaction of the needs system described above. We deliver full-scale solution, during which we undertake more precise definition of needs, functional and technical planning, implementation, planning and support of testing, delivery and the support of the system released in production on almost all widespread technological and development platforms.