Support of Policy Administration Systems

client needs

The motivation of partial or total outsourcing of support and further development can be justified by different factors, like:

  • more rigid control of development costs,
  • cost efficiency increase,
  • service-based re-structuring of information technology,
  • outsourcing of services representing non-direct insurance competence at an insurance company,
  • expansion of existing expert resources, application of specific expertise.
  • ensuring a more flexible expert IT resource pool.

our offer

Our support services are the following:

  • Technical support of Help Desk, Model Office,
  • Defect correction,
  • Testing,
  • Further development of functions, improvement of reports,
  • Implementation of complete projects,
  • Version change management,
  • SLA based support services, i.e. surveillance of closure system.

We have developed an approach of several phases to build up development and support services:

phase 1

  • Configuring the required services and definition of the cooperation model and objectives,
  • Setting up the IT services team which consists of business analysts, developers, technical experts and project management / client contact person
  • Defining technical, project management and reporting infrastructure,
  • Elaborating the form and content of necessary knowledge and skills transfer,
  • Developing financial and professional conditions of the cooperation contract.

phase 2

  • Performing necessary (*) knowledge and skills transfer, training,
  • Installing service provision infrastructure, processes and support systems (management of defect reports and development tasks, estimations / proposals, approvals, deliveries, etc.)
  • Sharing tasks between the experts of the insurance company and the experts of Formula/400
  • Starting the service with gradually increasing responsibilities

Phase 3

  • Further development of the services, launching new services, full-scale project developments, version management, testing, etc.

(*) Besides possessing capabilities and methodology required to build up the support of systems that are new for us, we have skills ready to support several wide-spread policy administration systems, like:

- Life/400, Polisy/400,

- GraphTalk AIA / FutureFirst,