Custom Application Development

client need

We offer custom software developments in case of implementing unique business needs, which are not reasonable or possible to be implented within the framework of existing systems (like an existing PAS). 

Some examples:

  • Internet based selling
  • Internet based customer service
  • support of partners, sales channels
  • support of actuarial calculations
  • customer services, relationship management
  • temporal administration of a small volume product portfolio


The following typical difficulties emerge in case of IT developments performed for insurance companies:

  • knowledge of the industry, products and processes,
  • development of project and technical plans adequate to the objectives of business actors, who articulate their needs,
  • application of industry specific software development patterns, integration, data management and security aspects.

our offer

The phases of IT system development projects are the following:

  1. Preparation: The main aim here is to develop a common view of the Client and Formula/400 on the project objectives, from the aspects of functional scope, technical feasibility, budget and timeframe. During this phase, we analyze and document high level needs, constraints, risks and the phases / iterations / releases required to implement them. Based on the delivered documentation, the Client will be enabled to decide on the business case, profitability and feasibility of the project thoroughly.
  2. Elaboration: The main aim here is to counteract all technical, functional and architectural risks through the development of a working prototype demonstrating the most critical functions of the system to be implemented. Besides, we specify all further requirements in details together with the Client during the elaboration phase. Based on the specification of requirements prepared by the end of the elaboration process, we submit a final offer for the remaining project phases. 
  3. Implementation: This phase is the largest of all project phases. During the implementation, we prepare the system plan and build up the system complying with the specified requirements, perform the testing of the system and deliver it to the Client (in case of larger system, the implementation is broken down into several iterations, milestone deliveries).
  4. Delivery: The main aim here is to perform final user acceptance test of the delivered system, to install and configure the system and to prepare production release of the system (training, documentations, organizing processes). Another task is to organize the operation and support of the production system. Either we perform these tasks together with the Client, or we simply support Client resources in these tasks, depending on available competences and the internal organization.

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