Unique software development


As business, legal and technological environments are changing continuously, there is need for new softwares. Part of them are not available of the market or the available “standard” product is not flexible and complete enough to satisfy unique needs. It is an expensive and time-consuming task to develop solutions for unique needs, while the quality of its result tends to be questionable.

our offer

Formula/400 offers component-based, scalable solution for unique development needs of clients and supports the completion of functional holes of third party applications with efficient services: 

  • With the help of integration of different applications, redundant modeling of processes can be avoided and business data can be registered at one single point
  • Outsourcing offered at low price ensures product development of high quality
  • With the help of unique development, we prepare an enterprise resource planning system fully tailored to the needs of the client company
  • Web-based front-end systems developed in front of the existing business applications offer new sales and customer contact points

business value

Ensuring flexible development of our clients, enabling clients to plan the costs of software development and providing rapid returns.