Application Integration

One of the most important advantages of ERP systems and team work softwares is that they are integrated, that means information registered or created by one of the programs can be accessed by all other components, therefore several entries of the same information or unnecessary redundancy of data can be avoided, and processing work becomes efficient. 


However, integrated applications can not always cover all business and administration function of companies. In these cases, target application supporting the given function could be used as solution. These target applications mostly tend to represent an integration island in company information technology, as they reduce operation efficiency in the following ways:

  • data entry represent extra work for users
  • the information could lead to inconsistency potentially
  • operation is difficult.

our offer

Formula/400 offers its services in the integration of application islands on the basis of the experience of several projects: 

  • Assessment of integration needs
  • Planning of integration architecture
  • Prototype development, pilot solutions 
  • Project management
  • Implementation
  • Testing


The application integration we perform provides the following advantages:

  • rapid and cost-efficient integration project
  • integration based on standards
  • flexible infrastructure with simple expansion possiblity  
  • simple operation
  • direct cost saving

Based on the special needs of the company, a completely new and unique ERP system development can also be taken into consideration.