ProTracker System Functions

  • Flexible management of asset portfolios
  • Asset registration according to FIFO principle or average price
  • Management of international shares
  • Management of currencies at any number
  • Support of general ledger posting
  • [Upload of rates of securities via the internet]
  • Role based authorization management
  • Possibility for approval, workflow support 


  • Loan placement/Loan redemption
  • Depositing/Release
  • Interest redemption
  • Coverage transfer
  • Interest payment
  • Face value changes  


  • Foreign exchange win, foreign exchange accrual
  • Interest accrual of interest based securities
  • Interest accrual of lent securities
  • [Market value of investments]
  • [Daily capital requirement against exchange book and currency- foreign exchange risk- 30A1]
  • The registered transactions and the portfolio can be requested and listed from any aspects on the screen and in the form of reports