ProTracker Securities Administration System

With the help of ProTracker securities administration (Treasury) system, our company has been supporting our clients to perform administrative tasks related to investments for more than 6 years.
ProTracker is a proven financial tool having rich functions that we offer to our clients on several technology platforms and licensing build-ups.

operation area – Portfolio and securities

The software manages investments at almost all levels, regardless of any portfolio kept at fund managers of the company, any security type (bonds, shares) or any security bought or sold by the company.

Services – full scale coverage

The system is able not only to manage securities base data and full-scale registration of all transactions of the securities turnover, but to prepare reports related to value changes of the securities, which tends to be a rather difficult and work consuming task.

framework system – separated or integrated solution

ProTracker application can be accessed as add-on module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrated administrative system or as separated WEB-based application.

usage – simple and secure

Learning the use of ProTracker does not require much effort as compared to programs used earlier: being an internet-based application, it can be used through any explorer program. The protection is ensured by the most updated data protection technology available today, while user authorizations and profiles are regulated by an internal authorization system.   

Reference – introduced application

ProTracker securities administration system is a proven and established application. Several financial institutions use the system to fulfill their ownership and surveillance reporting obligations.