The Operation of Nautilus ADVISOR

modeling of sales

Nautilus ADVISOR is a software that can be adjusted to the sales process, as it can be tailored to needs in all important elements. The main elements of tailoring are the following:

  • targeted client (group) – the model of targeted clients, like singles, family or company and employees,
  • products, services – the features of the offered products/services, with background calculations,
  • questionnaires – questionnaires on the actors of the sales process, data check rules, etc.
  • business calculations – calculations that help to analyze the business situation of the customer, which becomes the basis for proposals. Such calculations involve expected pension, expected value of existing savings, etc.
  • sales rules – the rules of products that can be proposed on the basis of business calculations and requested data; the system prepares a proposal automatically on the basis of these rules.
  • illustrations – document templates; sales supporting illustration and arguments are prepared on the basis of these templates

Module summary

Please find below the summary of all modules, divided into those that are used by salespeople (“running capabilities”) and those that represent “modeling”, i.e. used at the planning of the sales process (“defining capabilities”).


Defining Capabilities

Running Capabilities


Formation of user profiles

Regulation of matching profiles to modules

Elaboration of rules on object access (i.e. the authorizations of network hierarchy can be inherited in the supervisor chain)

Registation of clients,

Registration of cases,

Storing and display of all related materials, initiation of operations (the execution of operations are performed by the related modules)

Enforcement of security settings


Planning of questionnaire types (entering content data structure and display formats)

Filling, display, validation and modification of questionnaires


Entering analytical rules and calculations (independent from the product structure of the insurance company).

Analyzing data of filled questionnaires, execution of calculations.


Entering marketing rules (depending from product structure of the financial service provider)

Based on the results of the Analyzer, automatic preparation of solution proposal (concrete contract configuration)


Entering products and related rules and calculations

Display and search of proposal configurations.


Defining the content and form of outgoing documentation 

Preparation of documents on the basis of Analyzer and/or Configurator. In the first case, document(s) of planning result are prepared, while in the second case, document(s) of solution proposal are prepared.


Defining reports, required data sources and steps used for the preparation of reports.

Pre-defined report types can be selected, run, their results can be saved and published to several users, based on authorization settings.

System Administration

Setting users and authorizations

Servicing transactions, log entries.

Enforcement of security settings.