Business advantages of the use of Nautilus ADVISOR

The quality support of sales offers advantages for all actors of the process:

rapid introduction of products in the network

Based on needs assessment, the product offers the new product of the service provider automatically, so newly introduced products become rapidly well-known by the salespeople.

efficient financial planning

It is a time-consuming and difficult task to prepare an offer of high quality. It takes a long time to assess needs systematically, to store them and to prepare illustrations. The software makes large part of this work automatic.

increase the level of client satisfaction

Proposals really suitable to client needs (like savings) or aims do increase the satisfaction of clients, while decreasing the number of erroneous sales and related complaints, claims.

increase the level of keeping clients

Parallel to the increase of the level of client satisfaction, the number or cancellations declines significantly in cases when cancellation is used due to selection of unsuitable product – this is the most awkward reason from business aspect.

quality assurance of the sales process

The system supports complying with sales business rules and requirements of regulations.